Our in house design team can help design your bespoke log cabin if not already designed.

Our service is totally flexible, we can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Site Appraisal
  • Cabin Design
  • Planning Application
  • Supply cabin shell for the DIY enthuses
  • Foundations
  • Supply and erect cabin
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitary ware
  • Kitchen
  • Joinery
  • Decoration
  • Floor coverings
  • Tiling
  • Decking
  • Steps
  • Drainage
  • Site Services

Solid Log

In this method of construction we design, manufacture and construct with a solid log section.

All of our logs and timber are sourced from sustainable forestry’s in Europe & Scandinavia where the climates are coldest. This promotes slow growth of the trees hence making the timber denser and of better quality and structural strength.

The most traditional methods are used to ensure not only the rustic feel is achieved but structural integrity is to the highest of standards.

log cabins

Log sizes range from

  • 180mm
  • 220mm
  • 300mm

Log Profiles

  • Square
  • D-Shape
  • Fully Round

log cabins


Although log cabins have been constructed and lived in hundreds of years ago before the modern day building methods had evolved,The log cabin is now becoming a more and more sought after living experience for both the holiday let industry and everyday living lifestyle alike.

Recent studies have shown that being in a natural log surrounded environment actually promotes a more positive mental well-being. And you can see why as the natural timber gives off a certain soothing and relaxing feel.

It’s something that truly needs to be experienced to believe.

We use two forms of construction

Solid Log Cabins

are exactly what the term says, all walls internal and external are solid log construction.

Log sizes range from 100mm to 300mm, the most common range being 180mm to 220mm which gives a bulk look effect at an
affordable price.

Log Profile can have the effect of:

Square, D shape or Round

Timber we use is high quality sourced from Eastern Europe, Russia or Canada.

Floor Construction

for either cabin form can be solid or timber. If a solid form of
construction is adopted the structure would generally be deemed permanent thereby subject to a normal housing planning

Our structural timber floor can be set on a concrete base or Jack Pad system. With this form of construction our cabins are movable thereby governed under the mobile home act BS3632.

Internal Walls

Solid Log Cabins internal walls are solid logs to match logs used for external walls.

Panel Cabins internal wall finish can be plasterboard dry lined, timber panelling, or fermacell or equally approved boarding for a more rigid wall. For improved U-value properties and sound
deading between rooms we can insulation between internal stud walls.

External Windows and Doors

for either cabin construction can be:

Factory made redwood Timber, factory made Hardwood, uPVC or Aluminium.

Panel Cabins

are constructed in large panel format for onsite erection or (depending on planning requirement) we build in two halves and crane into place onsite, similar to those those shown on the gallery.

Panel cabins have the added benefit of insulation within the timber frame panel. Depending on client insulation requirements, external wall panels can be 100mm or 150mm thick with fulfil standard insulation or higher grade stecio wood fibre insulation.

For improved U-value properties we can horizontally internal batten and provide a second layer of insulation at right angles to the main wall insulation. This system virtually removes any cold bridges.

The exterior has a ventilation void with client choice external finish which can be redwood panelling, hardwood panelling, half round log effect or beautiful red cedar cladding.

Roof Construction

for either cabin form can be:

Natural slate, Metro tile, Corus roofing, Man-made Slates or
standard Roof Tiles.

Internal Ceilings

for either cabin construction form can be:

Plasterboard dry lined or timber panelling.

Log Cabins – Build Or Buy It’s an Affordable Housing Deal

Log Cabins UK are merely a tiny residence constructed from logs. It is distinguished from log houses in such a manner that the former refers simply to the much more rustic, smaller sized cabins often discovered in the timbers made from typical lumber while the last is practically just like log cabins other than that they are a lot bigger and are made from logs that are either milled or handcrafted. Log cabins are homes especially made up of logs or wood. Log cabins are basic houses mostly integrated areas abundant in natural deposits such as lumber.


The majority of Log Cabins UK are constructed with logs flat laid and attached at the ends with levels. Some make use of nails rather than degrees, yet the latter is still far better. A lot of are located nearby ranches or ranches, in places with sufficient sunshine and also excellent drainage. As there have actually been a boost of people constructing log cabins, selecting what type of cabin will certainly be built is crucial. To safeguard the log cabin from moisture of the dirt, they are constructed with huge rocks as a base.


Log cabin building kits are logs that have been cut, milled, dried and shaped into ‘packages’ called log cabin kit homes. Here are the advantages of building this way along with how to find log cabin building kits that may be right for you.


Log cabins are fantastic for creating extra space for a family. Log cabin kits are a practical and effective way to own a log cabin at the fraction of the price for a log cabin bought already assembled.

Finance and Payment

With the current economic climate, clients (rightly so) are ever more concerned of the financial stability of the companies they work with. And, companies within the supply industry are ever more concerned with clients they have not worked with in the past. Within the Cabin industry this has created a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario as clients are usually one off clients and Cabin suppliers do not tend to commence with orders in the absence of a sizable deposit, which in most cases is 50% being paid at order (before any commitment is made to the client) and 95% to 100% being paid before the client receives any goods.

log cabins

We have provided a simple solution. We set out a simple to follow clear payment structure as outlined below. The payments are made to our Solicitor which gives an undertaking not to release funds each the required stage is reached. When each stage has been reached, we provide proof to the Solicitor by photographs, lists and labelling (which is copied to the client), when payment is released to us, this automatically triggers the transfer of title of the goods as per the provided list.

By adopting this system it provides clients with full comfort we delivery and their funds are in safe hands at all times.

Site Appraisal and Cabin Design are services payable separate to us, if required by the client.

What to do next

Complete the below application form.

If enough information has being provided we will reply usually within 2 or 3 days with a detailed quotation.

If there is not enough information we will return to you with a query list.

We require you to provide us with photographs of the site, access, adjacent buildings and area of preferred location for the cabin.

Our quotations are free with no obligation.

Log Panel

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