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eco homes eco homesOur Eco Building division offers the unique service of developing your design and particular project requirements throughout the design process with your Architect or our Architectural team by monitoring cost throughout the design process.

We offer alternative building methods and forms of construction with a cost for each method. This allows clients to decide which form of construction they prefer and at what cost.

Create your Eco Homes a beautiful and peaceful place to live. With ecofriendly items from around the world, make your eco living a real pleasure. The key aim behind such eco homes is conservation of environment and revolves around the concept sustainable building design and sustainable lifestyles. With limited resources around the world, one should consider conserving the environment which is endangered and is heading towards depletion. You feel good about your house and make the environment also smile with no harm caused to it.

We will also offer eco recommendations.


The tender will be provided with alternative options. The price will be provided with elemental totals, as a shopping list for clients to omit or add as they so wish.

This important service for eco homes provides you the client with a completed design fulfilling your requirement with an accurate tender sum.

This is not an estimate or budget cost, being what most other such companies in the industry provide. The figures we provide throughout the process are firm tender sums.

This gives the client the full benefit and comfort of having a design development presented to Planning and Building Control knowing the construction cost throughout the process. All too often designs are developed with indicative costings, Planning and Building Control approval sought and often obtained, to find the design is away over budget.

Eco homes are slowly gaining its importance, due to its cost effectiveness. An ecofriendly home is otherwise shortly known as eco home as its built keeping in mind the environmental factors, with its prime intention of environmental conservation. It is in the welfare of the nature and environment causing no harm to the environmental balance. Eco homes basically highlight the concept of sustainable building design and emphasizes on sustainable lifestyles.

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This often leads to:

  • Radical redesign
  • Addition redesign fees
  • Project delay
  • Compromising on finishes the client had their heart set on
  • Sourcing new and additional funding
  • Project abandonment

This is a no obligation service. When design is complete with Planning & Building Control approval obtained, clients are
welcome to obtain alternative tenders.

Eco Homes

We are well experienced with constructing high end bespoke eco buildings as the photo gallery of the recently completed
eco house in Kew Gardens London.

We work throughout all the UK and Ireland.

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This service is offered free of charge

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