• Efficent Homes

    With ever increasing fuel costs it is paramount homes are as efficient as possible to reduce heating bills. One of our surveyors from Green Eco Buildings will visit your home to carry out a survey establishing how to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating bills.

    Log cabins

    Bespoke solid log or Panel log Cabins built to suit client choice, site conditions and budget. We supply and install throughout all of UK, Ireland and Western Europe. Our in house design team can design your bespoke cabin if not already designed.

    Eco Homes

    Eco Buildings provided within budget. No obligation.

    • • Eco design options
    • • Tender price provided as design develops
    • • Not budget or estimated costs, real prices
    • • Total cost known throughout the process

    Eco home, is slowly gaining its importance of late, due to its cost effectiveness. An eco friendly home is other wise shortly known as eco home as its built keeping in mind the environmental factors, with its prime intention of environmental conservation. It is in the welfare of the nature and environment causing no harm to the environmental balance. In complete tandem with the environment to put it in simple words.

    Eco HomesEco HomesThe building of a Log Cabins is rather simple, as it is usually built with logs flat stacked one in addition to each other. Logs used for constructing a cabin could not be badgered an arbitrary basis. They should be selected thoroughly as logs with just a couple of knots are favored; therefore logs can be smoothed quickly with a bit of paring. This makes certain that the gaps between the logs are as little as feasible. Throughout the early centuries, log cabins are normally utilized as homes, barns and also storage space functions.

    Eco homes are gradually acquiring its relevance, due to its cost effectiveness. An ecofriendly residence is otherwise quickly referred to as eco residence as its constructed remembering the ecological aspects, with its prime objective of ecological conservation. It is in the welfare of the attributes and also atmosphere causing no damage to the environmental equilibrium. Eco homes basically highlight the idea of lasting structure design and also emphasizes on sustainable way of lives.

    Log cabin types A log cabin is both attractive and cheaper than any traditional home. Different log cabins are built from logs with varied thickness as thick logs are used in large cabins to add extra strength and insulation. The type of logs used in the log cabin give a different appeal to the log cabin home. There are two types of logs, one is the rough cut round logs and the other one is milled logs which easily fit together due to their uniformity. Now pre-milled logs come in kit form so building a log cabin is both cheap as well as enjoyable task.

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  • Green Log Cabins is a well established company which has built up a first-class reputation in the industry by successfully delivering high-quality projects.The company’s core values are client satifaction, quality, efficiency and reliability.

    We help deliver your vision by our focus being a flexible approach to Design and Construction.

    We’ve maintained a strong belief in good workmanship and a job well done. Whatever the size of the undertaking, our whole team are aware of the responsibility they have for excellence, safety and respect for the environment.

    Our projects range from one off cabins from £25,000 to multiple cabins on Holiday Parks to cutting edge multimillion eco houses.